Omer Khan is an associate managing director at K2 Integrity, where he serves as the head of AgileTechnologies, the firm’s in-house technology lab. His team is charged with building tailored compliance and investigative technology solutions across all firm practices. Deployed by client-facing practitioners at the start of each client engagement, the AgileTechnologies team assesses each situation in order to incubate and deliver efficient, actionable, and often customized technology solutions to achieve the client’s goals.

Omer also manages the anti-money laundering (AML) technology team at K2 Integrity, and is responsible for the normalization of data, creating actionable cases for investigative teams, developing on-demand strategies and business metrics that focus on key performance indicators (KPI), and exploring new and current technology for the practice.

Prior to joining K2 Integrity, Omer was a senior compliance officer at JP Morgan Chase. While at JP Morgan, he managed the operations architecture that drove reporting and analytics for global compliance and managed end-to-end implementation of a lookback project, in which his support covered custom software development, source data normalization, investigation process standardization, and metrics reporting. Omer also designed, developed, and implemented various reports and dashboards to support JP Morgan’s global AML initiatives for new capabilities that enabled operational growth.

Before his time at JP Morgan, Omer held a number of leadership roles at IBM that heavily emphasized the technology that helps to drive critical business decisions. While at IBM he was a systems operations manager responsible for all first- and second-level production and research and development application support; a project manager responsible for tool networking for the company’s 300MM research and development facility; and a business intelligence administrator/designer responsible for designing and developing all reporting for IBM that influenced strategic business decisions. In 2010, Omer was a recipient of IBMs Leadership Award.